Q&A with Glenn Mindegaard Post, Engagement Director, BFSI

April 08 2021

Glenn Mindegaard Post is Engagement Director with Monstarlab’s BFSI vertical.

In February 2021, we increased our expertise significantly with the addition of heavy-weight BFSI expert Glenn Mindegaard Post to our Monstarlab Aarhus office. We caught him for a quick talk about his visions for the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) industry and how his extensive background will help Monstarlab’s clients succeed.

Why did you decide to join Monstarlab?

Monstarlab is an innovative, agile and competent player at the global market with a focus on shaping technology that inspires people and grows businesses. All that in combination with a mindset that our customers should experience a boutique at scale – which means that we strive to be a trusted local partner with global competencies ready to upscale on demand.

The digital potential in Denmark is enormous and I hope we can make a big impact on our lives today and in the future by innovating through technology and discovering the vast digital potential.

What will your primary focus be?

As Engagement Director based in Western Denmark, my primary focus is helping clients located in this part of the country as well as clients within the BFSI industry in all of Denmark accelerate their digital potential.

Which strengths do you anticipate will be most beneficial in your Monstarlab work?

My greatest strengths are my economic and financial theoretical foundation and understanding, in combination with more than 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, working with the largest banks and financial institutions in Denmark and the Nordic Market. Using this, I understand our clients’ challenges, needs, and businesses and am able to help them translate those into future-proof digital solutions.

I believe that people do business with people. My focus is always to bring as much value into the partnership as possible and ensure that all solutions are made with a focus on the values that are important for the client.

What do you hope to achieve, both professionally and personally?

I hope that I, with my focus, can help bring digital competencies and solutions to businesses and together with them develop for tomorrow’s challenges. I will work towards securing a bright future both economically and environmentally by developing innovative technology, together.

I hope that we at Monstarlab can inspire and develop new solutions to accelerate the business within the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector. I hope that we with our global experience, consultancy competencies and local presence could be a trusted advisor for the sector.

What characterises the BFSI sector at the moment?

Self-service, user experience and convenience are already – and will continue to be – on top of the consumers’ minds. For these areas, digital solutions will be key for winning a higher market share.

In Denmark we have just started the digital journey but if we take a look outside there is a digital wave going on in the financial metropolises such as London, Singapore, and New York. The trend here is that banks and insurance companies as institutions are under a transformation both internally and in their business models.

In the future we will continue to see a demand for bank and insurance services, but it will be closer related to the end-users and the buying-process of an asset or related to the use of a specific product or service.

At Monstarlab we have a lot of experience with projects from foreign markets and the competencies to help banks, financial institutions and insurance companies being ready for tomorrow’s needs and business models.

Which trends do you think will influence the banking, financial services and insurance sector in the future?

I think that digital innovation both internally and externally in the banking and insurance sector will help accelerate businesses and give the consumers more independence, more flexibility and a lot of new features provided by existing and new players with a new portfolio of business models and services that exists today. We will see that banking and insurance services become a more integrated part of the “acquisition” process to secure the optimal user-experience during the product’s lifetime. And we will see new and existing players bring innovative technologies within lendtech, insurtech, paytech, investech and many more, to market.

Previous employment

Director, Atea Finance Denmark

Focus on developing the financial services and IT Life-cycle Management within the Atea Group (Largest IT-infrastructure solution provider in the Nordic market)


M.Sc. Financing and Accounting (FIR)

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