An Employee Story: Rodger Beekman

April 26 2022

It is time for the first employee story from our Amsterdam office. We are pleased to introduce you to Rodger Beekman, a very interesting and exciting person with a lot of experience to share.

Rodger Beekman

“Experience is something that you get a few seconds after you needed it”


In this blog, you will learn more about what attracted Rodger to join our team, what he hopes to achieve in the future, and more.

How long have you worked at Monstarlab NL, and what attracted you to joining the team?

Since march 2022. I first heard about Monstarlab when a recruiter approached me for this job in 2021. From the first moment I felt a strong connection with the vision and journey of the company.


Could you tell us a little about your background?

I come from an art direction and design background. I have worked at branding and communication agencies for many years. Mainly large network ones but also at my own company called 60 layers of cake.


What are your day to day responsibilities here at Monstarlab NL?

I am here to create the right experience design at the beginning of projects, cast the right talent for the team and then guide the team throughout the whole process. Plus I overlook the projects and suggest changes and additions as we collaborate as a team.


What has been your professional highlight at Monstarlab NL?

The fact that I was able to join was a great moment. Meeting the team in Copenhagen was very inspiring. Working with the team on our “secret project” was very inspiring as well. And the video interview that I did with Cem for Emerce was super cool.


What does Monstarlab stand for according to you?

Digital experiences and transformations of the highest level.


What do you hope to achieve both professionally and personally?

Professionally I aim to elevate the creative and experience level of the work at Monstalab Europe, and beyond. This is also a personal goal. I want to leave a possessive view in the future behind. Via my work and how I raise my 2 children.


What do you enjoy the most about Monstarlab?

That we are a social company, and make room for diversity and can speak our minds.


What is an important trend in the industry that you think will boom in the upcoming years?

We are in the era of copying. Those who understand this best will have a large voice in the coming transformation.


“You are what you share”


You can contact Rodger on his LinkedIn or his email:

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