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Article posting app (for use with an O2O service)


iOS / Android

APPERRELATION is an O2O service geared towards supermarkets, offered by Relations Inc. It enables supermarket stores to easily create their own dedicated O2O apps and connect with their customers. Monstar Lab was responsible for the development of a store-oriented article posting app as part of this service.

Using this app enables supermarket employees to take photographs using their own smartphones, and post articles online simply and easily.

Client’s issue

The client did not have enough iOS and Android engineers in its app engineering department who could be assigned to the project. The client therefore decided to outsource the development from a speed/time constraint-related standpoint.

Monstar Lab’s proposal

The client requested that we ensure a sufficient level of quality while at the same time working within the pre-determined budgetary constraints. Monstar Lab therefore proposed the use of a hybrid development team, utilizing development assets based in both Japan and Vietnam.

Japan side: PM (project management), Android engineers
Vietnam side: iOS engineers

In addition to this, because project management was already being implemented on the client side through the use of tools such as GitHub and Slack, we also formed a development team setup that would facilitate continuity of the existing development environment.

When the project was underway

Our Japan-based project managers acted as a point of contact, and communicated closely with the client on a daily basis. This enabled us to implement a process of proposing and considering specifications together with the client, and to raise quality to a satisfactory level. We also provided support in making applications for listing the app on the App Store and Google Play.

Client’s comments

“(Monstar Lab’s) extensive track record—which helped to dispel concerns over the disadvantages of offshore development—and their more than adequate support and management structure on the Japan side were the main factors that ultimately resulted in our decision to place the order with them. They communicate appropriately, with sufficient speed. The fact that they provided us with sufficient decision-making materials necessary when considering the specifications, and offered us the flexible response and support we needed was also a big help. We were also kept constantly appraised of the state of development progress, which was reassuring for us. We feel that the level of cost-performance (with Monstar Lab) is high, and we were extremely satisfied with their service overall.”




Develop Location

Tokyo, Da Nang


koltin, swift

Project Team

  • ML Tokyo Team

  • Asian Tech Team (Da Nang)

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