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The global economies hinge on a well-oiled supply chain and reliable transportation systems. As companies navigate fast-changing consumer behaviours and expectations, technology plays a key role in keeping them ahead of the curve.

This page offers the opportunity to learn from seasoned industry experts and gain best practices from Monstarlab's vast experience in solving industry challenges. We will tackle issues that might be stalling your full digital transformation journey. Whether you are unsure of where to begin due to fragmented tech systems or wary of steep investment costs, we can help point you in the right direction.

Here are some insights on key business challenges

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    With the Scandlines app, we’ve listened to our passengers and made it easy to plan the journey with Scandlines digitally. Everything from booking to fast check-in and subsequent purchases through our SMILE-loyalty programme is combined into one joint solution ready to use for every passenger.

    - Rune Andresen, eCommerce Manager at Scandlines

    Relevant services to help you get to the next level

    Monstarlab helps you achieve operational efficiency goals and discover business opportunities through collaborative approaches that manage investment risks yet yield scalable technology solutions.


    Harness your data to make better decisions, unlock value and deliver better experiences.


    Explore and verify what kinds of organisational change could deliver value most quickly.


    Discover and test new ways to increase engagement with your users and attract new ones.


    Use modern technology to compete, evolve and stay relevant in our fast-changing world.

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    Seamless Mobile eCommerce & Loyalty Experience

    Our experts are ready to help you with your digital journey

    Youjie Zhang

    Mobile Solutions & Technical Projects

    Simon Ejsing

    Product-centric Delivery Director who has led the development of large scale B2B and B2C projects for enterprise-level businesses, bringing cross-functional team members together to create products that make an impact. He has the experience to help you explore, understand, and develop potential digital solutions that address your business challenges.

    Tobias Morville

    Engagement Director

    Alexander Holdsworth

    Having worked in and around data and digital for nearly 10 years now Alexander is passionate about helping organisations really understand how it can transform how they work. Although he is a numbers person by trade, at his heart he is a creative. Alexander is an economist by background, having completed the CFA, and have spent many years leading teams building various financial models and appraisals.

    James Hall

    Smart Places Vertical Lead

    James Hall

    James Hall is the Executive Engagement Director of Monstarlab UK. He is a creative digital leader with 25+ years of experience in strategy, innovation, service and experience transformation. He leads our growth function in the UK and also heads our Newcastle office. He is passionate about using technology and the latest market thinking to create solutions that transform experiences; delivering value for clients, their customers and employees, and society.

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