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October 22, 2021

Rationalizing Banking Digitisation Initiatives

Part of our Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Series Mitigating costs, maximising investments & accelerating implementation. Most, if not all, banking institutions across the globe are reeling from the detr...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Data Strategy

September 30, 2021

Banking & Finance: Going Beyond the Basics with Digital Innovation

Updated: April 26, 2022 Part of our Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Series This is an exciting time for banking and finance. After spending two years digitising core products and services to catch up with the ...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Technology

September 29, 2021

Machine Learning in Insurance: The Realistic, Rewarding Approach to Provide Better Personalised Offerings

Part of our Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Series Insurance companies are slowly discovering the value and potential impact of machine learning (ML) in making sound and rewarding policy matches for each indiv...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

September 08, 2021

Health Insurance Companies are Turning a Corner

Part of our Health, Wellness & Life Science Series Although considered one of the more conservative industries in terms of digitisation, preparing to move into 2022, executives in the insurance business are embracing...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Health, Wellness & Life Science

February 03, 2021

Track & Trace: Unpacking It’s Meaning and Future Potential 

Part of our Health, Wellness & Life Science Series Across the globe, public and private entities alike have gone far and wide to create solutions aimed at businesses to prevent and track transmissions of COVID-19. Th...

Health, Wellness & Life Science Technology

August 18, 2021

The Negative Impacts of Fragmented IT Systems in Transport & Logistics

Part of our mobility, transport & logistics thought leadership series A look into how siloed technology implementations are causing digital transformation initiatives to meltdown within transportation and logistics c...

Mobility, Transport & Logistics Consultancy Technology

July 31, 2021

Product Owners vs. Product Managers: Train Drivers and Track Builders

Luke Gallimore, Head of Product Management at Monstarlab UK, explains the difference between a product owner and product managers, their roles and responsibilities as well as his thoughts on how organisations can leverag...

Consultancy Technology Strategy

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