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March 07, 2022

Sustainability – A Byproduct of Digitisation in the Finance Sector

Part of our Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Series As more global climate-action strategies emerge, an increasing number of client-facing solutions encouraging sustainable behaviours for the finance market are...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Technology Strategy

March 01, 2022

Creating Smart Places for All. Considering Digital Inclusion and Accessibility Needs in 2022 and Beyond

Part of our Smart Places thought leadership series What is digital inclusion and why is it important in 2022?  Smart Places are growing in importance, using innovative communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) tech...

Smart Places Strategy

March 01, 2022

Why Agility Must Be Part of the Agenda for Smart Places Development

Part of our Smart Places thought leadership series We are entering an era in societal development where futuristic infrastructures and even cities are no longer just scenes from science fiction movies. The future is quic...

Smart Places Consultancy Strategy

February 18, 2022

AI is Transforming Drug Discovery

Part of our Health, Wellness, & Life Science Series In this article we cover the transformational potential of AI technology for drug discovery. After an introduction of the challenges facing the pharmaceutical indus...

Health, Wellness & Life Science Data

January 18, 2022

Digitalisation will drive future growth of Japanese-UAE business and tech talent development

We are in an era of profound opportunity, driven by digitalisation.  Businesses of all different sizes and from across a range of sectors are rapidly implementing digital strategies and utilising modern technology – from...


November 17, 2021

Retail Banks: Why All is Not Lost in the Battle with NeoBanks [White Paper]

Digital-only banks, challenger banks, or neobanks have steadily encroached on the customer base of the more traditional retail banks over the last few years. Out of the 256 neobanks globally, nearly half are operating in...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Wholesale, Retail, e-Commerce & FMCG Consultancy Technology Strategy

November 15, 2021

CX – The Road to Sustained Competitive Advantage in BFSI [White Paper]

The Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance Industry landscapes may vary depending on where in the world you are conducting your business. Get a better outlook of local BFSI industries and more relevant insights thr...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Experience Strategy

October 26, 2021

Digital Banking: Externalising Digital Development to Capture Digital Banking Customers

Part of our Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Series As the use of smartphones and the popularity of online applications continue to grow, more opportunities emerge for the digital banking market [1]. From a sp...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

October 26, 2021

Achieving Cost & Operational Efficiency with Automation in Insurance

By Gabriel Valmonte & Andrea Nalupa Part of our Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Series The global insurance industry has remained steadfast in the face of the pandemic, inching forward and continuing to pe...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

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