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Market and product localization

Our localization service works to localize IT services for overseas markets, taking on various roles that are necessary to the localization process; including translation, development of local marketing strategies, and improving service functionality, UI/UX and content based on those strategies. When making a full-scale foray into a foreign market, there are many cases in which translation alone is insufficient. Redesigning services with consideration for the unique values and behavioral characteristics of users in the target region is also an indispensable part of localization.

In addition to our own development locations in Japan, China, Vietnam and Bangladesh, Monstar Lab also has partnerships with other firms in 15 countries around the world, whose strengths lie in the development of IT services.

In particular, our Chinese branches have a track record of developing numerous services geared specifically towards the Chinese market. Having locations in both Shanghai and Chengdu also enables us to make proposals based on the regional characteristics of our clients’ target areas, even in a country as vast and wide-ranging as China.

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