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Global Sourcing Firm Monstar Lab Hires New General Manager in Denmark

Blog 2018 / 12 / 27

Global Sourcing Firm Monstar Lab Hires New General Manager in Denmark

The Second Female Executive in Twelve Countries Where the Firm Operates

Tokyo, Japan – August, 2018 – Monstar Lab, Inc., a Japanese global sourcing firm that engages in digital product planning, development, and management, with IT engineers and creators located throughout the world, announces the hiring of Nursel Yildirim (at center of the photo above) as the General Manager of subsidiary Nodes, which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and was acquired in 2017. Ms. Yildirim becomes the second female executive of Monstar Lab after Ms. Yan Zhang of the Chengdu, China branch.

Comment from Andreas Green Rasmussen, Managing Partner and Founder at Nodes
“Nursel Yildirim has been on our wish list for a number of years, so we have been in a continuous dialogue with her about the opportunities. She has an outstanding resume, and has worked with some of the largest app development projects in Denmark. In fact, we have competed against Nursel on several very large RFPs in recent years, and in some cases, we have lost. In the process we have also found that she shares our values and high-level specialized and technical acumen, which are essential to the growth of Nodes.”

About Nodes Group ApS
Nodes is a mobile app development firm with high level UX and tech skills to create beautiful and complex applications. Its headquarters is in Copenhagen, with five other offices in London, Aarhus (Denmark), Amsterdam, Manchester and Berlin. Nodes has 80 passionate developers, designers and mobile consultants.


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