QWhen was the Company founded?
AFebruary 3, 2006.
QWhen was the stock listed?
AMarch 28, 2023.
QWhat market is the Company listed on?
ATokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market.
QWhat is the Company’s securities code?
QWhat is the trading unit of shares?
AOne unit of shares is 100 shares.
QWhen is the Company’s fiscal year end?
AThe end of December.
QWhat is the schedule for the announcement of financial results?
APlease refer to the IR Calendar for the schedule.
QWhen is the general meeting of shareholders?
AMarch of each year. The date will be announced via the IR Calendar once it is confirmed.
QWhat is the Company’s business profile?
AThe Group operates a digital consulting business to support digital transformation in response to business issues and the needs of new businesses. The Company’s other businesses include product businesses such as RPA (Robotics Process Automation) tools and the music streaming business.
QAre there any special benefits for shareholders?
AThere are no special benefits for shareholders.
QWhat is the Company’s recent financial results?
AThe latest financial results are available on the Financial Highlights page. The latest materials are also available via IR Library.
QWhat is the background information on the CEO of the Company?
APlease refer to the Board of Directors page for a brief biography.
QWhat is the state of the Company’s corporate governance?
APlease refer to the Corporate Governance page.
QWhere can I contact for more information and other inquiries?
APlease contact us through the IR Inquiry Form.

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