Monstarlab goes public

CEO Hiroki Inagawa rang the bell at the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 28, 2023, affirming our status as a publicly-listed company.

What started as a small technology start-up in Japan has since evolved into a comprehensive digital consultancy. Growing into a global organisation now established in 33 cities in 20 countries and territories; the company is now enriched by the immense talent of close to 1,500 employees – establishing a strong international footprint.

Going public allows us to further strengthen our capabilities. We can continue to unlock new investments, provide even more comprehensive offerings, and attract and nurture world-class talent. As we continue to work towards our mission of changing the world with technology.

For the last few years, Monstarlab Group’s core capabilities have matured from technology delivery to now include strategy, data, experience, and people advisory. With technology deeply ingrained in our DNA, we are in the best position to provide not only technology execution but also the equally crucial business aspect - strategy. Providing current and potential clients with immense business value.

We have reached this remarkable chapter guided by the mission and values we have as an organisation. A common thread that ties everyone in Monstarlab. This is encapsulated in what we call “The Art of Change”.

The Art of Change explained

Monstarlab was born out of a simple human need to change the world.

Close to 20 years ago, our CEO and Leader Hiroki Inagawa created a platform to help his brother share his musical art with the world. Hiroki used technology to apply the Monstarlab kintsukuroi mindset (to repair with gold) to the problem. He believed that every business needs to evolve and change to be ready for a future of possibilities. He sees a world that can be changed through technology to advance humanity. This humble and productive mindset of our founder is why our corporate colour is Yellow, it reminds us all that there is a golden thread – a connection – in every human and enterprise.

One of the common themes we always find in our clients' businesses, is how can they do more with less. It is a global challenge that has impacted everyone around the world. Instead of perceiving this challenge negatively, we see an opportunity to scale and create more regenerative business models that live and breathe human experiences and deliver innovative new products to market more efficiently and sustainably.

Today Monstarlab applies the kintsukuroi mindset to every client challenge. We think about how can we take the separate parts of the business and make them better and more resilient, building a brand that customers hold in the highest regard.

Our golden thread to achieve this is Growth. It connects People, Experience, Technology, and Business in the most meaningful and productive way.

We advance humanity by changing the world with technology grounded in human experience.

We call it The Art of Change.

History of driving customer success

Monstarlab has gone from strength to strength over the course of our almost two decades of existence. We are privileged to have helped thousands of companies across the globe conceptualise and deliver game-changing technology to drive business growth, and we are happy to continue doing so for years to come.

Here are just a few of our projects:

Case study

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