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Global Conference: Steps for Future Developments

Blog 2018 / 07 / 11

Global Conference: Steps for Future Developments

Across three days from June 6th to June 8th this year, we Monstar Lab Tokyo held the first Global Conference, and CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of each bases gathered at once.

Now that Monstar Lab has 21 bases in 12 countries all over the world, we frequently hold similar events in order to create occasions that CTO of each base faces each other, and discusses means of employing the latest technologies for business.

In the conference, the topics varied from the information of the latest technologies including trends of service development to confirming the future visions of the overall Monstar Lab Group.

This event held at the headquarters located in Ebisu, Tokyo.
Among all the attendees, some paid a visit to the headquarters and some joined online.
Moreover, the live video of the conference was distributed online to employees in all the bases.

While all parts were held in English, the event was successful with active participation not only from CTOs but from employees at the Tokyo headquarters.

Our first conference covered a wide range of presentation topics: “Introduction,” where each CTO presented engineer skill sets and product characteristics in their bases; “R&D (Research and Development)”, on which all bases are currently collaborating; and “DevOps (Development and Operations)”, which is a software engineering culture and practice that aims at unifying software development and software operation.

Our conference succeeded in gathering not only the information that can be accessed through data, but also live voices from across the world. Discussions were also held on potential developments that could be achieved through applications and collaborations of technologies from each base.

Other programs included presentation on Atomic Designs by the Designer Team, presentation on ISUCON that was held last year by an intern from Tokyo base, and sharing of knowledge and skills by a team implementing scrum development across bases. Throughout the variety of programs, our employees willingly took the stage to share their ideas and knowledge.

Additionally, we also held “Vapor Meetup vol.2” during the same period as a seminar for external parties.
“Vapor” is a Web development framework for Server Side that originates from Swift and is starting to prevail around the world.
“Vapor Meetup” has been held on a regular basis as a tech study meeting for engineers to permeate Vapor that is still much less known in Japan.

We Monstar Lab Group will continue to hold Global Tech Talk periodically. We continue advancing as “Global One Firm” with all bases and expanding platforms for information sharing and discussions.

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