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Dedicated Team

Our Dedicated Development Team (DDT) service is a form of staffing service that enables you to have your own exclusive, dedicated development team, managed directly by you. We use our large database of available engineers to quickly select and recommend the most suitable team members matching the particular skill sets you require, and (after an interview process) the team is made quickly available to you, together with the necessary infrastructure for the team to perform their job.

Our dedicated teams can be put together quickly, making it possible to utilize the Dedicated Development Team service in situations such as rapid personnel expansion for existing client-run development projects, or for quickly launching new development teams.


– Enables you to quickly secure necessary IT development resources
– Avoids the cost, time and effort of recruiting team members
– Allows development resources to be treated as a variable expense
– Approximately halves the overall cost of development resources
– Enables you to accumulate and maintain expertise within your own team

Why Monstar Lab?

– We can quickly recommend engineering resources with the right skill set using our own engineer resource database and our network of partners in 15 countries worldwide
– An optional seating service can allow your existing team members to take up residence at the development location alongside the hired dedicated team
– We can also work together with you to advise on long-term engineering HR strategies for you
– Through our Joint Venture Program, we can further support the development aspects of building your business


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