China Taiping Insurance

Mobilising a 200K strong sales force with a dynamic digital tool

End-to-end development of one of the pioneer digital business tools on WeChat that enables mobile efficiency and empowers China Taiping Insurance Company’s massive sales force
Fortune 500 enterprise, China Taiping Insurance, was searching for a possible solution to managing and mobilising their massive sales team of more than 200,000 professionals. They were looking at technology to transition their processes from being largely analogue to highly digital.

They partnered up with Monstarlab China to help make this transformative vision a reality. So, the team set out for an easily adaptable solution for the extensive sales team that simultaneously provides value for internal and external customers. We found that building on the popular super app WeChat was the best option. From this came the development of a powerful and highly accessible management system in the best service of all stakeholders.
Seamless onboarding & management 200K+ sales team members

The Challenge: Managing and Enabling a Massive Sales Force

The exponential business growth of China Taiping Insurance over the years has seen the company continually expand its manpower as well. Its sales team alone numbered more than 200,000 people in 2015. Consequently, this led to a lot of operational challenges.

Traditional ways of working could not efficiently support human resource functions such as keeping track of attendance, identity certification, work scheduling, and day-to-day office processes. On top of that, conducting product knowledge and client management have also become increasingly difficult to manage.
Became the fundamental structure for Taiping Insurance's WeChat system product

About China Taiping Insurance

An offspring of Taiping Insurance Company founded in Shanghai in 1929, China Taiping Insurance Company is a Fortune 500 business incorporated in the year 2000. The company offers various insurance products such as life, property, and casualty insurance to more than a million customers powered by the company’s more than 600,000 insurance business personnel.

By the year 2018, China Taiping Insurance has generated insurance premiums exceeding USD 23 Billion, has total assets amounting to more than USD 89 Billion, and manages assets valued at USD 147 Billion.

Pioneering Innovative Solutions

Developed Mini-Program (App Plug-In)

Monstarlab developed a management system mini-program that can be accessed within WeChat apps. It is robust yet lightweight and requires no additional download. The tool is user-friendly and seamlessly integrated into the app experience.

China Taiping Insurance’s management system built on the WeChat platform was one of the first successful mini-programs developed on the super app. Now it has grown to become a successful trend for companies to develop their own mini-programs to reach a wider audience without obligating users to download a separate application.


  • Java


  • Spring MVC, Mybatis, WeChat

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