IoT Ecosystem for Multiple Elevator Management

Building a centralised, IoT-integrated platform that can control and manage elevators for a seamless, smart in-building experience
OTIS, a pioneer in elevator manufacturing and sales, remains one of the world's largest and longest-standing elevator suppliers and continue to expand products globally.

To future-proof their customer experience and promote efficiency throughout the service lifespan of each product, they partnered with Monstarlab to develop the IoT platform⁠ "eCall"⁠. eCall enables the cloud connection of elevators to an app for which Monstarlab has also developed an SDK for smartphone apps and third-party developers. Through this app, users are able to call, designate, and even control the doors of available elevators.
With eCall, OTIS can now easily register and manage over 2 million of its elevators installed all over the world

The Challenge

OTIS has been making high-quality elevators for 120 years since its establishment, but in recent years demand for smart offices has accelerated. With the progress of digitalization in society, it has become difficult to secure competitive advantage simply by continuing to manufacture elevators as finished products.

OTIS aimed to develop a new IoT solution that would allow the elevator to be controlled via a cloud connection. This is where Monstarlab came in.
The IoT-integrated application was officially released after just 9 months

Elevator systems from multiple buildings can now be controlled in real-time through eCall

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