A Functional Work Tool for 700+ Drivers in Denmark

Through an agile development process, Monstarlab worked together with GLS to launch a new and improved tool for scanning and collecting data on route, based on user feedback.
Being the third biggest distributor of parcels in Europe GLS always seeks to create and establish an easy, fast, and functional work environment for their employees. Having the goal of being a fast and secure parcel delivery and return, GLS consulted us to help them create a new tool to easily scan parcels and collect data throughout the route. The support of their original device has stopped and drivers have been complaining about the weight and functional features. Therefore, we were asked to develop an app for the device not only as a substitution but as an improvement to the previous one.
200+ drivers currently using the hand scanner in Denmark.
700+ drivers estimated to use hand scanner in Denmark.

Faster and more efficient for drivers in their daily work.

The Partnership.

A Strong Partnership Developed Through Time.

GLS and Monstarlab embarked on a partnership on streamlining the delivery services across Denmark. The next steps will be to continously optimise the solution, bug fixes, updates as well as adding new valuable features.


  • Kotlin
  • XML


  • AndroidX
  • Kotlin-Extensions
  • Kotlin-Coroutines
  • Dagger
  • Timber
  • Retrofit
  • Gson
  • Okhttp
  • Nodes-Arch
  • Rxjava
  • Nytimes-Store
  • EMDK
  • Room


  • Firebase
  • Crashlytics
  • Play-services: location
  • NStack
  • HockeyApp

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