March 01, 2022

Why Agility Must Be Part of the Agenda for Smart Places Development

Part of our Smart Places thought leadership series We are entering an era in societal development where futuristic infrastructures and even cities are no longer just scenes from science fiction movies. The future is quickly creeping into the reality ...

January 18, 2022

Digitalisation will drive future growth of Japanese-UAE business and tech talent development

We are in an era of profound opportunity, driven by digitalisation.  Businesses of all different sizes and from across a range of sectors are rapidly implementing digital strategies and utilising modern technology – from...


November 17, 2021

Retail Banks: Why All is Not Lost in the Battle with NeoBanks [White Paper]

Digital-only banks, challenger banks, or neobanks have steadily encroached on the customer base of the more traditional retail banks over the last few years. Out of the 256 neobanks globally, nearly half are operating in...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Consultancy Strategy Technology Wholesale, Retail, e-Commerce & FMCG

August 18, 2021

The Negative Impacts of Fragmented IT Systems in Transport & Logistics

Part of our mobility, transport & logistics thought leadership series A look into how siloed technology implementations are causing digital transformation initiatives to meltdown within transportation and logistics c...

Consultancy Mobility, Transport & Logistics Technology

July 31, 2021

Product Owners vs. Product Managers: Train Drivers and Track Builders

Luke Gallimore, Head of Product Management at Monstarlab UK, explains the difference between a product owner and product managers, their roles and responsibilities as well as his thoughts on how organisations can leverag...

Consultancy Strategy Technology

June 25, 2021

The Pitfalls of Doing Agile Versus Being Agile

Rebecca Hudson, Executive Delivery Director of Monstarlab UAE and founder of AgileUAE, provides her tactics for shifting the needle. She recommends not to simply ‘do’ Agile but encode Agile into the DNA of your team. Com...


May 04, 2021

Successful digital product delivery in times of rapid technological development

Digital product development is a complex process however, the changing environment has also introduced new opportunities for successful strategies. Delivering digital products is a complex process Teams often start out w...

Consultancy Experience Strategy Technology

April 23, 2021

The 3Cs your quality management partner should possess

The complete checklist for finding the perfect partner for your GxP compliance / quality management needs Part of our Health, Wellness & Life Science Series GxP compliance is imperative for all businesses in the life...

Consultancy Health, Wellness & Life Science

April 08, 2021

Q&A with Peter Busk, Digital Project Manager, Life Science

Early March we welcomed our new colleague, Peter Busk, as a digital project manager within Life Science.  With both a theoretical and practical background in life sciences, an entrepreneurial attitude and focus on digiti...

Consultancy Health, Wellness & Life Science

March 18, 2021

Monstarlab 2021, Part III: From DNA to Visual Identity

This is the third and last of three short articles on the thoughts that went into the process and meaning behind our new brand What is a brand? Is it the colours of a business? A logo? A particular way of behaving? The w...


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