Tobias Morville

Head of Machine Learning

September 29, 2021

Machine Learning in Insurance: The Realistic, Rewarding Approach to Provide Better Personalised Offerings

Part of our Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Series Insurance companies are slowly discovering the value and potential impact of machine learning (ML) in making sound and rewarding policy matches for each in...

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

August 18, 2021

Machine Learning for Fleet Management

Part of our mobility, transportation & logistics thought leadership series This article tackles research and expert insights around the following topics: Objectively understanding the potential of machine lea...

Mobility, Transport & Logistics Data

January 06, 2021

The Future of IoT: Security and Privacy Focused

IoT is starting to show up more and more these days. It is taking over most mundane tasks in people’s homes. This makes it more important than ever to make sure to think the ethics into modern IoT solutions. Mozilla h...

Data Technology

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