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Management Team

Group CEO

Hiroki Inagawa

Hiroki founded Monstar Lab in 2006 after spending seven years working at a US-based consulting firm and a web technology venture. During his time as a consultant, he specialized in areas such as strategy formulation, marketing and IT deployment strategies. At the web technology venture he was active as a manager in areas such as planning and development of web services and offshore development in China, and experienced the company’s listing on the JASDAQ stock exchange as the company's youngest ever manager.
Hiroki graduated in 1998 from the Department of Mathematics at the Graduate School of Science at Kobe University, and received his MBA from Bond University in Australia in 2006.

Group CFO

Fumiaki Goto

Goto started his career as a sales representative for a food-related machinery manufacturer, and later went on to become the company’s first corporate finance manager in preparation for its listing on the stock market. He successfully facilitated the company’s rise from a public over-the-counter stock to a listing on the Second and then First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) in what was then the fastest rise every seen in the Japan stock exchange market. He later helped telecommunications device manufacturer Allied Telesis to become listed directly on the TSE Second Section, as well as helping GDH to list on the TSE Mothers market. At that time, he helped establish what was at the time the largest contents fund. He joined Monstar Lab in January 2016.

Director, Hanoi (Vietnam) Operations

Masahiko Matsunaga

Masahiko joined us this year following Monstar Lab's acquisition of Lifetime Technologies Ltd in Hanoi, Vietnam. Masahiko brings over 37 years of solid IT services experience, beginning with a long career at ITD Japan where he spent 10 years in system operations and over 22 years in various management roles, including Offshore Promotion Officer. He also spent over 10 years in China managing development teams there, before moving to Hanoi where he leads the team at Lifetime Technologies.

Director, Mobile Game Division

Tsuyoshi Onozuka

Tsuyoshi comes to us as a proven leader in the Game software industry in both Japan and the U.S. He is not only knowledgeable about the Game industry, but is also a passionate technologist with extensive experience in architecting information systems capable of hosting games worldwide. Since joining Monstar Lab in 2014, he has led our Game Development division while also successfully overseeing the launch of several top-ranked game titles.

Director, Monstar Channel Music division

Toshiya Matsuzono

Toshiya joined Monstar Lab in 2015 and heads our Monstar Channel music streaming division providing music streaming services for retail and commercial stores. Toshiya previously worked at USEN, a leading cable broadcasting company, where he developed extensive experience in the music industry and specifically in music distribution.

Chief Technical Officer, Japan

Daisuke Hirata

Daisuke started his carrier as a software engineer specialized in IBM enterprise applications. He later joined a startup where he developed a variety of hardware and software systems, such as an automatic data center management system, VoLTE middleware, and drone systems. He joined Monstar Lab in 2015 and has participated in a number of web application and smartphone application development projects.

Senior Architect, Bangladesh

S. M Asad Rahman

Asad started his career back in 2007 after having graduated in Computer Science & Engineering. He worked as a Team Lead, Technical Lead, and Software Engineer for several USA and Dutch based software companies. Asad has also worked at several software startup companies, managing and architecting LAMP based web solutions and leading globally distributed development teams. Asad is a passionate programmer, tech enthusiast and a die-hard fan of Javascript & Node.js. Asad joined Monstar Lab Group’s Bangladesh team in February 2016 as Senior Architect.

Chief Communications Officer

Ikumi Shiba

Ikumi joined Monstar Lab in 2014, heading the Group's PR and Branding activities. Ikumi started her career as a cultural attaché at the Embassy of Japan in Lithuania. After working in the Baltic states for 2 years, she moved to Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group as a Marketing & Communication executive before joining Monstar Lab. Ikumi has spent over 5 years in different countries in Europe and Asia. She received a BA in Law from Doshisha Universiy and an MA in Sociology at Sophia University. She was also a student at the University of Tokyo undergraduate research program for Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies.

Singapore Country Head

Naoki Tamura

Naoki joined Monstar Lab in 2015 as our Singapore Country Head. From there he oversees sales and marketing for Southeast Asia and the Australian markets. Naoki started his career with Rakuten as an E-commerce consultant where he advised more than 200 companies with their business strategy, product development, and and online marketing. Naoki is a graduate of Osaka University, and also studied business in Belgium as an exchange student.

Group COO

Roger Lakhani

Roger joined Monstar Lab in 2015 bringing over 15 years of experience as a CFO and CTO at companies spanning multiple countries around the world, from the US to Europe and Asia. After an early startup experience as a CTO he later transitioned to Finance. Roger has a deep knowledge in both financial and operations management. Roger is a graduate of MIT, and holds both a PhD (from the Tokyo Institute of Technology) and an MBA. He comes to us from the US.

Director, Danang (Vietnam) Operations

Truong Dinh Hoang

Hoang begin his career as a programmer and project manager at a Japanese-based SI firm, and as a planner for new business ventures and project manager at a web services company. After a 12 year stay in Japan, he returned home to his native Vietnam where he established Asian Tech, which was later brought into the Monstar Lab Group. Over the course of only a year and a half, he grew Asian Tech from an initial team of 15 members into a company with over 200 employees.

China Country Head

Liqun Zhang

Zhang joined Monstar Lab in 2009 after 10 years working in software development and management at a major Chinese corporation as well as a major Japanese telecommunications firm. He has extensive experience in software development, and excels at international management, making use of his linguistic skills in English, Chinese and Japanese. In 2014, Zhang was appointed as the Group's China country head.

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