Capital and Business Alliance to Develop Business for IT HR Platform “Copell” in Thailand and Russia

Jul 31, 2018



Tokyo, Japan – August 10, 2018 – Monstar Lab Inc. (hereafter “ML”), a Japanese digital product development firm with a global network of IT engineers and creators engaged in the planning, development and management of their digital products, announced that it has formed a capital and business alliance with TalentEx Pte. Ltd. (hereafter “TE”), a firm operating an HR service in Thailand and Russia, in order to develop overseas business their IT HR platform “Copell.”

What is Copell?

Copell is developed by ML and was launched in beta in June 2018 as an IT HR platform for the Asia region. It is a key product in ML’s global sourcing business, which specializes in connecting companies to optimal personnel located in optimal locations throughout the world. Copell not only enables companies to hire IT personnel as full-time employees, but also to hire them on a project-by-project basis and design teams that are ideal for each project. The platform also allows IT personnel (engineers, creators, etc.) the opportunity to participate in projects throughout the world. Copell comes equipped with a search function and a third-party evaluation system that allows companies to screen candidates and build teams quickly. More information on Copell can be found at

In the future, ML will further incorporate personnel throughout the world—in Japan, China, Russia, South Asia, Southeastern Asia, and more—into the Copell database, and connect them to client companies in those countries in order to expand its global sourcing business.


Effects of the business alliance with TE for ML:

1. Develop business for Copell and support start-ups in Thailand
ML will incorporate “Job Talents”, the database of TE’s IT-oriented HR service in Thailand, into Copell, and expand its roster of IT personnel. The company will also utilize its coworking space “Monstar Hub” to coordinate with freelance and start-up personnel in Thailand.

2. Develop business for Copell in Russia, and support the employment of engineers in Russia
ML will utilize the engineer network that TalentEx has in conjunction with Kazan Federal University, expand the roster of IT personnel in Copell, and act as an employment agent for engineers.


About TalentEx Pte. Ltd.: 
TalentEx Pte. Ltd. is a company headquartered in Singapore, and is the developer of Japan-oriented HR service “WakuWaku,” the IT HR platform “Job Talents,” and “HappyHR,” a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud software that specializes in payroll management. The company has a wholly-owned Singaporean subsidiary, TalentEx (Thailand) Co. Ltd., in Bangkok, Thailand. For more information about TalentEx, visit its website at

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