Monstar Lab Group appoints regional leader as new global Executive Vice President

Mar 15, 2019


Monstar Lab, a digital development agency with a focus cutting-edge IT engineering and design, is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Højris Bæk as Executive Vice President, who will be in charge of the group’s Organization, Process and Marketing. Nodes is one of the group’s 23 subsidiary companies – 8 of which are located outside of Japan. Bæk who is co-founder and managing partner of Nodes comes into play as a supervisor over the group’s new focus point: integration and overall improvement to productivity of the international organization.

The announcement comes after the acquisition of Nodes, which took place in August of 2017, with Daniel Højris Bæk whom worked as Co-founder & Managing Partner for over a decade, starting the company in 2008. He oversaw the development of Nodes which grew from a local niche player into one of Europe’s leading digital product development agencies. Furthermore, Monstar Lab Group has accomplished becoming an international organization at an impressive speed of just 2 years, by utilizing its domestic expertise and acquisitions of foreign companies whom possess exceptional technological prowess. Seeing the appointment of Bæk as a new opportunity, the group has its sights set on becoming a leading global digital development agency , by strengthening its internal integration and branding.


Founder and CEO, Hiroki Inagawa;

We are thrilled to have Daniel in a global role on our ambitious growth journey. Daniel brings a rare and unique combination of hands-of experience of advising clients and knowledge of the digital field combined with outstanding execution and leadership skills. What Daniel and the management team in Nodes have done over the years – building a strong regional leader on an aggressive growth trajectory – is truly impressive. Now we look forward to leverage some of these learnings and methods in order to support our growing organization and accelerate our integration. “


Daniel Bæk, Executive Vice President;

After working closely together with the Monstar Lab team for the last 1.5 year, I’m excited about the opportunity to shape and impact not only what we do in Europe, but ensure best practice are shared across all offices in Monstar Lab. Monstar Lab is on very exciting journey, and there is a big potential in leveraging the size of the group to the advantage of each local subsidiary.

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