The 6 Phases of Command Center Design & Implementation

April 26, 2023

Once the decision has been made to embrace the concept of a Command and Control Center (CCC), you now face the task of making good on the promise to deliver a revolutionary experience.  Having the right implementation plan is critical to success, and these are the steps we’ve identified that must be taken to ensure a good outcome.  We call it our 6 Phases of Command Center Design and Implementation. 

  1. The Visionary Voyage
  2. Blueprint Bonanza
  3. Architectural Alchemy
  4. Trailblazing Training
  5. Launchpad Lift-Off
  6. Evolutionary Expedition

That’s what the process looks like from the 50,000′ view. Let’s dig into the specifics behind each important step.

Hospital command center
Rendering of what a command center may look like.

The Visionary Voyage

In this primary step, you need to engage key stakeholders (hospital leadership, staff, patients, and IT) to gather input and build consensus. From here, you can conduct a comprehensive assessment of the hospital’s current state and future needs. Ultimately, you need to define the vision, goals, and objectives of the command and control center.

Blueprint Bonanza

Once the vision is set for the group, you need to develop a detailed blueprint of the command center’s design, layout, and functionalities. This is the stage in the process where you will identify the necessary technology infrastructure, data sources, and analytics tools to meet the objectives of the command center.  It’s at this juncture that you need to make sure you address security and privacy concerns and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. 

Architectural Alchemy

Naturally after identifying the technology needed to support you center, you can select and integrate the hardware, software, and data systems required for the command center. This is much easier said than done. This is where it’s critical to rely on partners with experience in a wide variety of applications who can confidently connect the technology pieces together. With the right data being fed, you can quickly and easily develop and customize analytics tools, dashboards, and visualization interfaces. One of the most visible results is an improvement in communication and collaboration channels for hospital staff.

Trailblazing Training

Train hospital staff and command center operators on the use of the center’s tools, processes, and protocols. You’ve done the hard part, now you need to make sure that the brilliant tools are being used to their fullest potential by trained users.  One great way to drove adoption is conducting simulations and drills to ensure preparedness for various scenarios, including emergencies. Use the capabilities of the Command Center to foster a culture of collaboration and data-driven decision-making across the organization.

Launchpad Lift-off

It’s GO time! Time to launch the command and control center and monitor its initial operations. You will need to continually evaluate the center’s performance, using metrics aligned with its goals and objectives. Address any issues or challenges that arise during the initial launch phase to keep adoption high.

Evolutionary Expedition

Now begins the path towards implementing a process for continuous improvement, leveraging data and feedback to refine the command center’s operations. Stay informed about the latest advancements in technology, analytics, and healthcare best practices. Don’t be afraid to adapt and expand the command center over time, ensuring it remains a cutting-edge, transformative force in the hospital.

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