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Angel Electronics

Realising IoT-Based Telemedicine Management Solution

Innovating connectivity and customer experience for China's most popular medical pump series, Angel Electronics teamed up with Monstarlab to mobilise efficient health data and device management across multiple platforms.
Angel Electronics, one of the leading high-tech manufacturers in China, needed to improve the intelligence of its medical pump series for increased hospital care efficiency and sought Monstarlab's expertise to realise the timely and effective monitoring and management of electronic infusion pumps and collected data in operations.
Increased world-class functionality

Empowering product capabilities and connectivity with IoT

Functionalities and device connectivity of the medical pump has significantly been increased and is being developed to be put into use in many countries and regions across Europe.

About Angel Electronics.

Angel Electronics is one of the leading high-tech manufacturers in China. Specialising in digital medical infusion pumps, the company developed "ANGEL" series infusion pumps - internationally exported devices with the largest domestic market share.