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SNACK by Income

Introducing Millenials to Insurance Through A Unique Mobile Experience

Design and build a mobile app experience that taps into the lifestyles of consumers and use it to influence a positive attitude towards insurance.
Income is one of the social enterprises under the umbrella of NTUC Enterprises that provides insurance products to the market. They were looking to increase accessibility to insurance and expand insurance coverage in the market. Monstarlab was tasked to create a mobile app that revolutionises the way people view insurance and seamlessly integrate into consumers’ lifestyles via innovative experiences. SNACK by Income was thus conceived to create a positive digital experience and made to feel like a lifestyle mobile application, and after an intensive development and iteration of 10 months, it was launched in April 2020. The app lets users build up their coverage just by living their lives.
2 months' development of working prototype

Finding the Solution That Appeals to the Millennial Segment

Despite a large population of the market being digital natives, specific segments of consumers still view insurance as “hard to reach” and are of “high barriers to entry.” A common mindset is that they find insurance hard to understand and see it as an unnecessary cost on top of their “essential” living expenses as it often entails fixed monthly/ yearly financial commitment.

Income engaged Monstarlab to explore possible solutions that will appeal to the segment. The team took into account two important pieces of information. Digital natives are mobile-first, with 159% mobile penetration, and they exhibit high usage of contactless payment methods. Monstarlab and Income opted for the development of a unique mobile app experience.
3 months' delivery time of App v.1.0

4.6 stars App Store rating

About NTUC Income

Income is one of the social enterprises under the umbrella of NTUC Enterprise. Established in 1970, the only insurance cooperative in the country was created to make essential insurance accessible to all Singaporeans. It currently serves more than 2 million customers and has under its management assets totaling 37 Billion $SGD.

The Partnership

Strong Partnership Enabling Future Developments

Having gained Income’s trust and partnership, Monstarlab is onboard for the ongoing development and improvement of the mobile app. This includes new features, integrations, and other developments on the development roadmap. It also opened the possibility of collaborating on other areas that the client is looking to venture into.


  • Swift
  • Java


  • iOS
  • Android
  • React
  • Core UI
  • AWS
  • Google Analytics
  • Appsflyer