United Arab Emirates

White Paper: Innovating through Blockchain

April 20 2022

By Monstarlab

In this White Paper, we explore how Blockchain technology can facilitate secure, traceable and verifiable exchange of¬†educational data amongst UAE’s educational institutes and government systems.


The white paper explores how the introduction of Blockchain technology to educational institutions and the UAE government can drastically streamline and simplify processes and overcome the UAE-specific problem of fraudulent certifications infiltrating official systems.

Blockchain White Paper - Monstarlab UAE

Since the digital era, organisations have been looking for ways to enhance their operating model through modernising their technology infrastructure. Being able to simplify complicated processes while enabling innovation is the driving motivation for technology modernisation.

Today, organisations are trying to understand the role emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, immersive reality, and of course, Blockchain technology will have on their business.

High-growth organisations are investing aggressively and taking a distinct approach to change-oriented, outcome-led, and disruption-minded innovation. But with blockchain technology, even the leaders and governments have challenges when realising the true value of the technology.

This white paper can help the UAE government to understand the state of the blockchain environment and the path to adoption. The paper highlights the main benefits of the technology when it comes to verifying essential documents and a high-level overview of how to get there.

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